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Chris Tung

Chris has worked as a digital marketer at Quidsi (acquired by Amazon), Bonobos, ComiXology (acquired by Amazon), and Imgur.

Proudest Mentoring Moment:
Helping a complete stranger on Reddit negotiate a compensation package that was 30% more than the initial offer.

Michelle Masek

Michelle is a public relations and marketing strategist who has built brand and coached executives at consumer technology startups including Eventbrite, Lookout and Imgur.

Proudest Mentoring Moment:
Helping a recent Arizona State University journalism graduate prepare her resume and brush up on interview skills to go after her dream job (which she ended up getting).

Ed Horne

Ed recently retired from a 20+ year consulting career working at such firms as Bain & Co, Deloitte Consulting, and Accenture.

Proudest Mentoring Moment:
When one of my past mentees reached out to me to thank me for all the guidance and support I provided that allowed him to achieve his dreams - right after he won an Academy Award for Technical Achievement in Computer Animation.