It's my junior year at ASU and I'm starting to freak out because I don't have a resume written and my parents are getting on my ass about finding a job before I graduate.

I saw that post about a big mistake people make when applying for a job, but for a resume, what are some things I should not do? Also, what are some things I should do?



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Some mistakes I've noticed from people first starting out:

  1. Going over one page: If you're just starting and don't have a ton of experience, don't fluff it up and try and go over one page.

  2. Short declarative sentences to create more bullet points: Elaborate on things that matter, and if you can only do a short sentence, then maybe don't include it.

  3. Heavy graphics: Unless you're a graphic designer applying for graphic design or user experience jobs, dial back the graphics to 0. Instead, invest time really explaining what you do.

  4. You clearly didn't proofread: This one-sheet is your best self on paper. Make sure to read it over and edit so that it looks amazing when it walks out of the door.

last year

A big DO: highlight skills and accomplishments specific to the job description. Yes, this means you should be tailoring your resume for the position - not a one size fits all. Even if the title is the same, every company is different and there will always be differences in the job description you can focus on to stand out.

last year

I paid to work with a career adviser, and she gave me all the information that Chris and Michelle posted about. But another one that I really liked was to add a short blurb about each company you've worked for. The advice I got was something a half to a full line on your resume that explains what the company does. For big companies, you won't need to right so much because people know what Amazon is, but for smaller ones, a bit of detail helps the reader know more about the company and what you might have done there.

Hope that helps!

last year
  • headshots on resumes. Unless you're applying for a modeling gig, please don't include a photo of yourself :-)
  • Multi-page resumes. Your resume should be one page in length. If you're struggling to cut from two pages to one, open a blank document and try to prioritize the most important content in a list (ask yourself, does this content support my candidacy for the role? If the answer isn't a yes, leave it off.)

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