I am moving to greece for a year and a half to get my masters degree at the American college of Greece. I'm doing this because my parents recently moved there and figured this is the chance of a lifetime. After researching some of their programs I found the strategic communication and public relations program the most interesting. I just want to make sure I'm not making a dumb decision and I'll come back with no job opportunities?


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10 months ago

Hi Brittany, I'm almost finished with a Masters in strategic communication myself; I have been doing an online program through Purdue University while working full-time in internal communications. I can tell you that on my team of 10, half have an MBA or masters in Comms. One important factor is additional work experience. A graduate degree does not compensate for practical on-the-job training in communications. I feel that I have learned some interesting tidbits from my program, But aside from a pay bump down the road, I don't know that this degree has more value than the 8 years of experience I have in the field. In short, if you can afford to do the program, and you think it is interesting for you, go for it. But again, job experience is far more important in communications.

10 months ago

OMG thank you! Since I can afford it, I think I'm going to still do the masters program, but I'll be sure to get more internships and job experience while I'm in school.

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