What's the most efficient way to get your foot in the door? LinkedIn? Emails contact recruiters? Constantly applying for the same job or would that be annoying?


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last year

What type of job are you trying to get? Depending on the type of job you are going for, different levels of follow up and touches/approaches could work or turn off hiring managers

last year

Constantly applying for the same job or would that be annoying?

Definitely don't do this because you'll just get ignored.

The best way is to either submit a great application that will get you noticed or talk with someone at that company who can make an intro on your behalf to the hiring manager or the talent team.

If you opt for the application, make sure you write an incredible cover letter that is highly targeted for the job and company you're applying at. Also, once you do submit your application, it doesn't hurt to follow up if you haven't heard back in a week.

If you opt for trying to make a connection, check out this post to see a few different ways to go about it: http://huttle.co/posts/5WiJJXMTYu3s9t4gS/contacting-a-specific-employer

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