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A place to get and give advice on all kinds of general career topics (for example, how to determine a career path, make a job change and what to expect when relocating for a career.)

Huttle Exclusive: 95% Off "How to get a Six-Figure Salary in 4 Years"

Link: Hi there - I've decided to share my career experience in a two-part class called How to get a Six-Figure Salary in 4 Years after advising many of…

Pharrell Williams's Advice to Graduates: Be Humble, but Not Too Humble

Change the status quo and don't keep quiet about your accomplishments, but know this: not every accomplishment is created equal. That was the message that musician and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams…

How to leverage background to enter consulting?

So to begin my short story, I have to give you some background on myself.... I graduated from an incredible school called Northeastern (not sure you have heard of it…

desperate for a job, despite low wages

Hi Huttle community, I apologize in advance for the very long and jumbled message here. I've had a lot of trouble getting jobs in the US. I went to UChicago…

State Vs. City Vs. County Vs. Federal Vs. Private

Hello All, I would like some inputs, opinions, and thoughts, advice, and etc. on this topic: State Vs. City Vs. County Vs. Federal Vs. Private Workforce Just to name some…

Resume Help/Feedback

Hello everyone, May you guys give me some feedback and help on my resume. Thanks, Sam Lee

Is 27 too old to not know what you want to do with your life?

I'm a female, 27 yr old, living in the Bay Area. I graduated college in 2012, have worked in the tech industry doing entry level jobs but nothing exciting. I…

22, Recent College Grad, How to do I find a job with an English degree an little work experience?

I graduated with an English degree last year. No certificates, no minors, and no secondary majors. Just that. (I know, I know. Bad decision). Right now I'm working as a…

Best entry marketing job for a non-engineer?

I'm currently studying advertising and marketing, but there's a lot of different types of jobs out there. Some I'm seeing are SEO, SEM, email, social, affiliate, and a bunch of…


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