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my first ever cover letter

This is my first time applying for a promotions internship (in the broadcasting industry) and is my first time doing a cover letter. What are the main key points I…

Resume Review for a Upcoming Engineering Career Fair

Hello everyone, I have a career fair coming up this Friday and wanted to be ready and prepared. I wanted some resume feedback from all of you guys and…

Work Experience

I am wondering if having unrelated work experience will help you get a job after college or even an internship. For example, on campus jobs that are student assistant, meaning…

How should an on line cover letter/portfolio look like?

I would like to make an online portfolio/ cover letter to tell my story of who I am and my professional background. Can you give me some insight on what…

The cover letter format that made my job application response rate go from 0% to 55%(

Here's the good thing about rock bottom: Nothing is off-limits. I gave myself permission to try any and all tactics in the cover letter playbook, from throwing in a Beyoncé…

Cover letter

When applying for internships what all should your cover letter contain?

What are some tips to sell yourself during an interview/resume/cover letter for a position that you have no experience in?

I'm an Economics major at UC Davis. I don't have a ton of experience besides some clubs on campus, classes, and my GPA, but I think I'm interested in a…

I'm interested in a Jr. Systems Engineer position. Help me with my resume?(

Hello, I've been in the IT Industry for 7 years now and I really want to springboard my career to the next level. Please help me fine tune my resume…

Drawbacks of submitting a cover letter/resume through post mail?

Happy Monday huttle! I've already applied online to a job posting but if I were to also mail a resume with an accompanying cover letter addressed directly to the hiring…

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