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22, Recent College Grad, How to do I find a job with an English degree an little work experience?

I graduated with an English degree last year. No certificates, no minors, and no secondary majors. Just that. (I know, I know. Bad decision). Right now I'm working as a…

Interview Help

Hey everybody, I wanted some advice on how I can approach and ace my interview with Taborda Solutions. Here's the job description of the internship position: Title: Entry Level Information…

Should I Include This Internship On My Resume?

Hey everyone, (sorry for the long post, but I'd appreciate any feedback) I'm a marketing student who has one last internship before I graduate (Fall 2017). I've interned at a…

Resume Review for a Upcoming Engineering Career Fair

Hello everyone, I have a career fair coming up this Friday and wanted to be ready and prepared. I wanted some resume feedback from all of you guys and…

Work Experience

I am wondering if having unrelated work experience will help you get a job after college or even an internship. For example, on campus jobs that are student assistant, meaning…

PR Entry level salary for NYC, SF, Chicago, etc?

Hi! I'm currently majoring in PR and communications, and I LOVE it. But, everyone is telling me that I won't make any money, and that I'll probably end up joining…

How to apply for an internship and actually get hired?

Hi, I am writing this post because till now I've applied to more than 250 companies and haven't received a single interview call. I am a graduate student studying MS…

Writing samples

When applying for an internship what types of writing samples and how many should you include?

When should I start looking for a summer internship?

What's the right time to start looking for a summer internship? I don't want to be too late, but I don't see that many jobs for summer interns yet. Also…


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