A place for conversations about the interview process (for example, how to talk about your experience, what to focus on during the interview, how long to wait to follow up, and what to wear)

How to not look like a job hopper?

Hello - I am an experienced professional within my industry. The companies that I have been fortunate enough to work for all look good on the resume. But, I have…

How to leverage background to enter consulting?

So to begin my short story, I have to give you some background on myself.... I graduated from an incredible school called Northeastern (not sure you have heard of it…

Interview Know-how?

Best interview advice for someone looking for a career after their first job out of college?

Ten rules for negotiating a job offer (Medium)

Pulled out some of my favorite insights from this Medium post by Airbnb engineer Haseeb Qureshi: "Employment is just striking a mutual deal in the labor market. Like any…

A woman who went from intern to NFL exec shares her best negotiating advice(

In most truly effective negotiations, no one should come out a "winner" or a "loser." That's according to Amy Trask, CBS Sports analyst and author of " You Negotiate Like…

The three most important questions in an interview have nothing to do with your hard skills.

What is your life story? What do you dream of achieving? What is your personal plan of action to get where you want to go? Go into every interview planning…

The Recruitment Process has a Cash Flow Problem

Many start-ups fail. Even profitable start-ups can fail. Why? One reason is because they might have a cash flow problem. They could sell a wildly profitable contract to a customer…

Informational interviews: when and how to ask for one?

What are some sticking points for requesting an informational interview about a company or role that you're interested in? I haven't had much luck with contacting recruiters on LinkedIn about…

The View from the Other Side of the Interview Table

Remember that you are being evaluated by everyone One of the things that was really important to me during campus recruiting was to try to get as many data points…

Hiring managers and HR people: when hundreds of people apply, how do you decide who to call or interview?

Basically looking at indeed, and they tell you how many people have already applied, and the numbers are very often over fifty! How many are a complete waste of time?…


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