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The Laws of Power in the Workplace

Law #13: When asking for help, appeal to people’s self-interest, never to their mercy or gratitude https://www.amazon.com/48-Laws-Power-Robert-Greene/dp/0140280197/ In this new Huttle series, I will explore power dynamics in the workplace…

The three most important questions in an interview have nothing to do with your hard skills.

What is your life story? What do you dream of achieving? What is your personal plan of action to get where you want to go? Go into every interview planning…

Work Experience

I am wondering if having unrelated work experience will help you get a job after college or even an internship. For example, on campus jobs that are student assistant, meaning…

Torn between two offers

Hi, I could really use someone to sound board off. I'm currently sitting between two offers. [a] This first is a Creative Director at a great studio doing progressive work…


I just started working in recruiting and exploring the field, any advice?

What is the 1 book you would suggest everyone reads in their lifetime?

I'm making it a personal goal to read for 30 minutes daily again, and am looking for some quality material. Anything related to tech, startups, product, fiction, or woman's history…

What does it mean to be a great leader? "A Deficit of Leadership" by Joe Lonsdale(medium.com)

"We need to help train and mentor younger leaders at the same time that we think hard about how we can best emulate history’s great leaders and heroes." What does…

Making a presentation to my Alma mater.

I graduated in May with a background in communications/PR/marketing and have gained experience just in the job hunt experience even though I haven't landed a job quite yet. There is…

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