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I'm a 5th year and in public relations student society, what is the best way to utilize my experience with prssa on my resume

Moving into PR

Hi All, I have a few years experience in the marketing and consumer behavior field and I am looking to move into the PR sector, specifically in the NYC area…

What are some good careers for an Econ major who likes apps/technology but hates programming?

I'm a sophomore at a top 50 school and majoring in economics. I love technology, apps, and reading about successful startups. But, I hate programming. I tried it once, and…

Planning on volunteering in community relations/PR role at a local non-profit during my last year of undergrad, any insight or experience on revamping social media and website for a non-profit?

Specific key performance indicators would be something like, increased followers, engagement, clicks to website from social channels. Simply more engaging organic content and more aesthetically pleasing? Thanks all! I really…

What can I do with a masters in strategic communication and public relations?

I am moving to greece for a year and a half to get my masters degree at the American college of Greece. I'm doing this because my parents recently moved…

Getting a Job with the State of California(

The State of California offers jobs in IT, public relations, budgeting and accounting, and medicine among a number of other fields. The process can be daunting to outsiders but hopefully…

How should an on line cover letter/portfolio look like?

I would like to make an online portfolio/ cover letter to tell my story of who I am and my professional background. Can you give me some insight on what…

How to handle a client you're not comfortable with

I'm in an entry level position at a PR firm and we handle a variety of different clients. We could possibly take on a new client and I know I…

I'm interested in Marketing/PR career, college grad help with my resume please!(

Hello, attached I have my resume, my background is in marketing and PR with a degree in communications. I've received a variety of valuable advice from several recruiters some of…


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