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Is 27 too old to not know what you want to do with your life?

I'm a female, 27 yr old, living in the Bay Area. I graduated college in 2012, have worked in the tech industry doing entry level jobs but nothing exciting. I…

22, Recent College Grad, How to do I find a job with an English degree an little work experience?

I graduated with an English degree last year. No certificates, no minors, and no secondary majors. Just that. (I know, I know. Bad decision). Right now I'm working as a…

Layoffs and rumors that my company might not make payroll this week. What should I do?

Hey everyone - I'm an engineer at a really small startup of about 10 people. We used to have 15 full time employees, but a round of layoffs came and…

Resume Review for a Upcoming Engineering Career Fair

Hello everyone, I have a career fair coming up this Friday and wanted to be ready and prepared. I wanted some resume feedback from all of you guys and…

Hiring managers and HR people: when hundreds of people apply, how do you decide who to call or interview?

Basically looking at indeed, and they tell you how many people have already applied, and the numbers are very often over fifty! How many are a complete waste of time?…

Work Experience

I am wondering if having unrelated work experience will help you get a job after college or even an internship. For example, on campus jobs that are student assistant, meaning…

Is the book Code complete still worth reading?

Is code complete still worth reading   in 2017? Especially for a javascript developer?

What was your experience accepting a higher paying but more stressful/higher work load position?

Had an interview recently for a position that would be higher paying and offer more career growth opportunities within the company and by developing new skills, however it will be…

Unrelevant Project Experience

Hello everyone, I was wondering if unrelated project experience can help with getting an internship event though the projects are diffrent from your major. For example, you build a bridge…

PR Entry level salary for NYC, SF, Chicago, etc?

Hi! I'm currently majoring in PR and communications, and I LOVE it. But, everyone is telling me that I won't make any money, and that I'll probably end up joining…


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